Medium 14 Inch Loom Kit

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Medium 14 Inch Loom Kit
Medium 14 Inch Loom Kit

These pretty kits are curated by yours truly, hand made/hand selected tools. The 14 inch loom comes with a tapestry needle, a pickup and shuttle, as well as a pouch with a pair of scissors and a couple extra needles I love.

****Deluxe Fiber looms come with warp and LDH shears, as well as a wrap tool pouch.****

The looms are lightweight and super portable. They are simple to assemble and come apart with ease. The weavable space is 14 inches. If you want a  less portable loom, you can put wood glue in the dowel slots to keep all the pieces permanently together. 

The fiber kits include hand spun/hand dyed fibers, with some cotton rope. My fiber packs have sparkle. If you hate the shine, give me a note with the colors you like! 


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